United Airlines Reducing Schedule Due to Surge in Covid-19 Amongst Employees

Jan 11, 2022 By MarketDepth

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United Airlines (NASDAQ: UAL) is reducing its schedule due to a surge in ill employees, according to a memo sent out by CEO Scott Kirby. Kirby revealed that there are currently 3,000 covid positive employees, though he did highlight that none of the vaccinated employees are currently hospitalized or deceased amid the virus. However the staffing shortage will ultimately impact the airline’s scheduled flights.

“Our vaccine requirement is working – and saving lives. While we have about 3,000 employees who are currently positive for COVID, zero of our vaccinated employees are currently hospitalized.”

CEO, Scott Kirby

In August of 2021, the carrier introduced its vaccination requirement which stated that all employees were to be fully vaccinated before October 25th. In the memo, Kirby reiterated the effectiveness of the airline’s vaccination program.  

“Since our vaccine policy went into effect, the hospitalization rate among our employees has been 100x lower than the general population in the US. Prior to our vaccine requirement, tragically, more than one United employee on average *per week* was dying from COVID.”

CEO Scott Kirby

Nevertheless, amid the surge in sick workers, on December 31, United offered triple pay for pilots to pick up trips throughout the majority of January. According to the pilots union, sick calls have reached record highs among aviators.