ShiftPixy Reports Launch of NFT Gamification Loyalty Program

Jan 24, 2022 By MarketDepth

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ShiftPixy, Inc. (NASDAQ: PIXY) reported development of a robust non-fungible token gamification loyalty program to release in 2022 as the company readies to launch its Ghost Kitchen food brands.  “We intend for our brands to immerse our consumers into an augmented and mixed reality experience that will test every tradition and legacy in consumer marketing,” commented ShiftPixy Co-Founder and CEO Scott Absher. “We believe that this will show the world a high-value use case for monetizing the metaverse. As we move forward with this endeavor, we plan to increase our offerings and boost our footprint in the digital world.”

Rewards Program

The NFT Loyalty program may incorporate web, In-App Gamification and Augmented Reality related to brand NFTs.  NFTs will be available to consumers that sign up for ShiftPixy’s food brand ordering apps.  The company will design the NFT Loyalty program to allow consumers to utilize their custom NFT in the In-app games to win rewards and free food items.  Successful implementation will allow consumers to experience the AR NFTs through unique QR codes within the NFT profiles of each avatar in the collection.