SavorEat Reveals Robotic Chef for Meat Alternative Hamburgers

Dec 29, 2021 By MarketDepth

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Meat Alternative Hamburger

SavorEat, listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the ticker “SVRT” has revealed its robotic chef that digitally manufactures meat alternatives from plant-based proteins.  This robot chef is part of its collaboration with Israeli hamburger chain BBB.  The products will be served to customers at designated locations of the chain.  This new method will allow preparation and grilling of personalized burgers that meet individual preferences that are prepared at the fast foot outlet.  Meat alternatives produced by the Robot Chef within minutes are made in a closed system without human touch and designed to exclude allergens, genetic engineering and gluten ingredients while preserving nutritional value without compromising the taste and texture.  SavorEat CEO and cofounder Racheli Vizman said, “From the beginning we believed that the food industry is in need of significant changes in order to remain relevant. We choose to boldly look at the changes of our future and to challenge the status quo in the food industry. Through the technology we have developed, we will be able to get to know our customers better, respect them and give expression to their changing needs. Now is the time for change, and it is more fitting than ever. With the help of the unique partners we have chosen, we believe we will achieve these goals and reach international commercialization.”

“The BBB Group’s values include innovation, excellence and a business mindset. These values are reflected in the collaboration with SavorEat. The idea that for the first time ever, a costumer can come to a meat-oriented hamburger restaurant, and with a push of a button on an app order a juicy, digitally manufactured, vegan burger is nothing short of revolutionary and creates an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.”

BBB CEO Ahuva Turgeman