American Airlines and Pilots have Come to Agreement for Pilot Pay

Jul 7, 2022 By MarketDepth

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American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL) and its pilots’ union have come to an agreement to triple pay for pilots that had dropped thousands of July flights amid a program glitch and were then put back on the schedule. Additionally, pilots will be receiving double pay for peak holiday time periods.

Drop 12,000 Pilots

The program error ultimately allowed pilots to drop about 12,0000 flights from their schedules, according to the union, the Allied Pilots Association (APA). The glitch has since been repaired and the carrier says that it does not anticipate the issue to impact any travel plans.

“APA steadfastly maintains that management had no right to add trips to pilots’ schedules. That noted, with a deal now in place, pilots who had trips placed on their schedules as a result of the snafu should fly those trips. Pilots who still desire to drop or trade these trips may do so using normal trip-trading tools.”

The Union Said

When asked about the established premium for pilots, an American Airlines spokesperson said: “We’re pleased to have reached an agreement with the APA and appreciate their partnership in coming to a resolution quickly to take care of our pilots, our team, and our customers.”

The issue occured just as American and many other airlines have continuously experienced flight disruptions amid a surge in summer travel demand.