Veiji Enters 3PL Agreement with Cold Storage Service Provider

Dec 3, 2021 By MarketDepth

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Veiji Holdings Ltd. (CSE: VEJI) has announced entry into a 3PL agreement with a cold storage service provider in San Diego California.  This launch expands the distribution footprint on the west coast to allow products across its offering to be stored closer to one of its largest customer bases.  Technical integrations are expected to complete and start shipping from this facility by the end of January 2022. Veiji will have access to store and ship the full range of frozen, dry and refrigerated products in its 3PL distribution center in San Diego.  The company’s marketplace was built for rapid scale to allow brands to reach national exposure by utilizing the company’s existing infrastructure of data, tech, marketing and logistics.  

“I am excited about having our first distribution partner in California, this will not only make it easier for us to onboard local brands, but will improve our overall operational efficiencies by getting products closer to our customers on the west coast, improving freight costs, shipping times, and overall customer satisfaction. We will now focus on finding a same-day delivery partner to help us service the San Diego area and beyond and will provide more updates on this as we move forward.”

Darren Gill President & COO of Vejii

Veiji utilizes data analytics and machine learning technology to gain insights into its SKU’s, growing regions and enabling the company to make strategic decisions on expansion opportunities.  “Customer satisfaction remains our number one priority as a company.” said Kory Zelickson, CEO of Vejii. “We have listened to our customers, and website data to make this strategic decision. Not only will this improve customer experience, but it will also significantly reduce our carbon footprint which remains a priority to our company. The pandemic has changed buying behaviour amongst consumers, this shift is something we are prepared to handle as we scale distribution across the nation.”