Trust Stamp Launches Innovative Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication Solution

Apr 28, 2022 By MarketDepth

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Trust Stamp (Nasdaq: IDAI) today announced that it has launched its Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication (Biometric MFATM) solution.

Up Almost 200%

Shares of Trust Stamp (Nasdaq: IDAI)  surged over 199% during the premarket trading session following the announcement.

Removing Need for Passwords

The first-of-its-kind Biometric MFATM streamlines robust identity assurance with just a selfie, adding a second and third authentication factor by testing liveness and irreversibly tokenizing data from a simple selfie, eliminating the need for passcodes from SMS, email, authenticator apps, or hardware tokens.

“Device-based multi-factor authentication is vulnerable. Passwords and passcodes aren’t enough to ensure that genuine, authorized users are accessing their own accounts or initiating transactions. Biometric MFATM lets partners layer intuitive, convenient, and seamless identity authentication where vulnerable passcodes are used today.”

Kinny Chan, Trust Stamp’s Chief Commercial Officer

Trust Stamp’s biometric authentication and data tokenization technologies have demonstrated success in enterprise implementations, cutting down on fraud related losses and increasing customer retention.