Toyota Motor (NYSE: TM) announced the unveiling of its new 2022 Tundra pickup

Sep 20, 2021 By MarketDepth

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Toyota Motor (NYSE: TM) announced the unveiling of its new 2022 Tundra pickup that features a prominent look, new technology and more power. Moreover, the truck will be the first Toyota truck to offer a hybrid powertrain and the second to have a multi-link rear suspension with coil springs.

Two Versions

The automaker will have two available versions of the 3.5 liter twin-turbo V-6 engine, including one that can generate up to 437 horsepower. The Tundra starting price is expected to be in the mid- USD30,000s. 

“We took a fresh, transformational approach to our truck development and had to rethink many things we’d previously done.”

Mike Sweers, senior vice president of Toyota’s product development office

The Tundra has a “Technical Muscle” design theme to it, a bold move compared to the previous model’s conservative look.

“Our design goal from the beginning was to create the most powerful, rugged and sophisticated looking full-size pickup that will take Tundra to a whole new level.”

Kevin Hunter, president of Toyota’s U.S.-based Calty Design Research

With the move towards electric pickups throughout the past few years, automakers have begun to offer alternative powertrain options. Furthermore, both Ford and Ram have introduced hybrid options to their customers. 

Alternative Engine Styles

​​“Buyers in general are becoming a little bit more accepting of alternative powertrains,” said IHS Markit principal automotive analyst Stephanie Brinley. “If the engine and the propulsion system gives you what you need to operate your truck, and do what you need to do with that truck. they’re accepting alternatives to V-8s.