Nubeva Confirms Viability of its Ransonware Reversal Tech

Nov 17, 2021 By MarketDepth

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Nubeva Technologies Ltd. (TSX-V: NBVA, OTC: NBVAF) today confirmed that its Symmetric Key Intercept (SKI) technology can decrypt attacks from the highly active Conti ransomware and provide immediate data recovery.

“Conti is one of the most active and destructive ransomware families this year. As such, it was vital to validate that our technology could indeed reverse their attacks.”

Steve Perkins, CMO and Head of Product

The CISA and the FBI have observed more than 400 attacks using Conti since September 2021 according to the Nubeva press release, with U.S. law enforcement, emergency medical services, dispatch centers, and other emergency and health networks affected.

“We are pleased we can fully decrypt files locked up by Conti, quickly and easily, without paying the ransom. Its Ransom-Less Recovery. It is our goal to neutralize the effects of the top ransomware plaguing the world with our initial release,” Steve Perkins continued. 

Steve Perkins, CMO and Head of Product

The SKI technology for Ransomware Reversal runs on a computer and can learn as well as intercept copies of encryption session keys, enabling fast and efficient decryption. “We are in the final stages of the product testing, packaging, and build-out of the delivery platform,” Mr. Perkins added. “We are seeing broad and universal interest across the board. We are sprinting to get the minimum viable product out fast and are looking into early adopter programs and promotions as well.”