Moving iMage Technologies Partners with SNDBX for Gaming and e-Sports

Apr 22, 2022 By MarketDepth

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Moving iMage Technologies (NYSE: MITQ) today announced a strategic partnership with SNDBX to bring the full theater experience to the gaming and e-Sports market.

Up Over 31% Premarket

Shares of Moving iMage Technologies (NYSE: MITQ) gained over 31% during the premarket trading session following the announcement.

Making PCs and Gaming Consoles Portable

MiT will serve as the official technology systems integrator for SNDBX, creating custom-made portable gaming carts that integrate PCs or gaming consoles and be moved between auditoriums within a cinema. Additionally, the companies will cooperate on business development initiatives surrounding the introduction of e-Sports and competitive amateur gaming to the local cinema experience.

“Gaming has long been a passion of mine, and playing video games on a thirty-five-foot screen is just amazing. Local gamers will have a true e-Sports experience every week in their favorite cinema. Our partnership with MiT gives theater owners the technology and integration confidence they deserve when entering into experiential e-Sports, and SNDBX provides all the marketing, staffing and operational support to win over the gamers in their communities.”

Rick Starr, CEO of SNDBX and EVP of CW Theaters

Moving iMage Technologies, a leading digital cinema technology company, and SNDBX, a leading promoter and manager of amateur gaming and e-Sports leagues hosted in cinema auditoriums, will will demonstrate the new mobile gaming cart at CinemaCon Las Vegas from April 25 – 28 at Booth 2203A in the Augusta Ballroom.