Meta Announces Partnership With Microsoft

Nov 10, 2021 By MarketDepth

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Meta (NASDAQ: FB), formerly known as Facebook, announced its partnership with Microsoft on Wednesday, set to allow customers to integrate Microsoft Teams into Meta’s Workplace enterprise social network software. The novelty will permit workers utilizing Teams or Workplace to view, comment, and react to live meetings without needing to switch apps.

Alliance Between Two Competitors

The alliance between the companies joins two competitors that work within the same industry. Nevertheless, Workplace and Teams do not completely overlap. Workplace is more focused on broad companywide connections, meanwhile, Teams is steered towards instantaneous communication between employees and their colleagues.

Several customers, including Vodafone and Accenture, had requested the integration according to Meta’s head of Workplace, Ujjwal Singh.

“The way our customers end up using it is customers use the complementary features, not the competing features. There are customers that are just Workplace shops, and then there are customers that are just Teams shops. This is really for those customers that use both.”

Ujjwal Singh, Meta’s Head of Workplace

Additionally, Microsoft is also integrating Workplace into Teams, which will allow Teams users to view and use Workplace content amid an app within Teams.

“One thing I’ve learned … there’s not going to be a one and only communications tool on the planet. People are going to choose a number of tools, so I think it’s on us as responsible vendors to make sure they can integrate and interoperate.”

Jeff Teper, head of Microsoft 365 collaboration