Grove Launches Amazon Aggregate Division

Oct 14, 2021 By MarketDepth

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Grove, Inc. (NASDAQ: GRVI) reported the launch of Upexi, its division to acquire Amazon and Ecommerce businesses.  With Upexi, Grove plans to focus on the Amazon Aggregation market. Grove has touted its success in the CBD/Cannabis sector and has initiated expansion into other spaces.  Recently, the company acquired Vitamedica, a web nutraceutical company with a growing presence in ecommerce and Amazon. Grove is now focused on companies in health/wellness/beauty/pet care that have room to grow.  

“We’ve seen exponential growth in our hemp business over the past 2 years and continue to grow. It’s now afforded us the ability to expand into other verticals. Amazon aggregation has been a goal for us since the beginning. We’re hoping to add 10+ Amazon and Ecommerce businesses to the portfolio over the next year, and another 10 the following. We want to reward people for what they’ve done and give them the ability to see their brand grow under Grove. In many cases, we hope to attract the Amazon/ecommerce experts behind these brands and continue to add talent to our team.”

Grove CEO, Allan Marshall, weighed in on the expansion into the brand aggregator space