Grove Co. Announces its Retail Footprint Expansion

Jul 8, 2022 By MarketDepth

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Grove Collaborative Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: GROV) announced on Thursday a significant retail expansion, with its Grove Co., its flagship home care brand, adding three retailers – Kohl’s, Giant Eagle and Meijer.

Growing to 700 Locations

The expansion sees Grove Co. grow its presence at more than 700 additional physical locations.

“We are excited to bring Grove Co.’s plastic-free home essentials into more stores, and to introduce new consumers to the brand as we continue on our mission to transform the consumer products industry into a positive force for human and environmental good. Grove Co.’s substantial retail expansion is a testament to the evolving consumer products landscape, where consumers are demanding more sustainable options, and to the strong results we’ve had over the past year.”

Stuart Landesberg, co-founder and CEO of Grove Collaborative

Additionally the company has now more than doubled its product assortment in all Target stores and on to include a broader selection of scents, room spray concentrates, laundry detergent sheets and reusable dish cloths. 

The new locations will feature dedicated end caps with Grove Co. products and displays that walk people through how to use Grove Co.’s zero plastic product systems, helping more shoppers adopt a sustainable lifestyle by putting plastic-free and zero plastic waste cleaner concentrates, hand soaps, dish soaps, reusable glass dispensers and more, on shelves.