Facebook to Implement Features on Instagram that ‘nudge’ Teens to Take Breaks

Oct 11, 2021 By MarketDepth

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Amid dealing with the consequences of whistleblower Frances Haugen’s testimony, Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) revealed that Instagram will be launching features that “nudge” users away from toxic content and invite them to “take a break.” 

Optional Controls

Furthermore, Facebook revealed plans to introduce new optional controls for adults so that parents and guardians are able to manage what their teens do online. After the company paused work on its Instagram for Kids initiative last month, critics remain skeptical of the new features effectiveness.

Negative Effects

Haugen’s testimony revealed information showcasing that Facebook is potentially causing harm. The testimony pointed to negative effects on teenage mental health, misinformation, unchecked political gaslighting, and election manipulation. Nevertheless, Facebook had halted its Instagram Kids project before Haugen revealed her identity.

“We are constantly iterating in order to improve our products. We cannot, with a wave of the wand, make everyone’s life perfect. What we can do is improve our products, so that our products are as safe and as enjoyable to use.”

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice-president for global affairs

According to Clegg, Facebook has invested USD13 Billion throughout the past couple of years in order to make sure the platform is safe and to sustain the 40,000 employees it has working on those specific issues.