Energous Corporation Shares Surge After FCC Approval for Unlimited Distance Over-the-Air Wireless Charging

Oct 19, 2021 By MarketDepth

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Energous Corporation (NASDAQ: WATT) stock is up about 15% after the developer of wire-free charging solutions announced that its 900MHz 1W Active Energy Harvesting transmitter technology has received U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Part 15 grant of equipment authorization for wireless power transfer at any distance. This approval complements a similar unlimited distance wireless charging approval in Europe, announced in May, 2021, expanding the ecosystem reach — including customers, OEM partners and standards organizations — for WattUp. The 1W Active Energy Harvesting transmitter can charge multiple devices at once, enabling at-any-distance over-the-air charging for the growing ecosystem of Internet of Things devices such as retail sensors, electronic shelf labels, industrial devices and more.

“This FCC certification of our Active Energy Harvesting transmitter technology marks the latest recognition of our efforts to further the regulatory pathway for far field wireless power networks. Our WattUp active energy harvesting solution provides U.S and European developers an approved wireless charging option when designing the power networks needed to cost effectively and efficiently deploy IoT sensors, low-power CPUs and other devices.”

Cesar Johnston, acting CEO at Energous

Energous develops WattUp wireless power technology that consists of semiconductor chipsets, software controls, hardware designs, and antennas that enables radio frequency based wire-free charging for electronic devices.

“Managing and maintaining battery based BLE beacons is one of the biggest impediments to the acceleration of BLE IoT technology adoption. Energy harvesting, batteryless BLE beacons bring a whole new option to the IoT wireless toolbox. Energous’ Active Energy Harvesting transmitting technology is going to significantly increase their range enabling these energy harvesting beacons to work with typical Wi-Fi / BLE deployments in enterprises and open the door to a whole new range of IoT use cases. We are excited at the insight that this will bring to our customers when fused together with the patented Juniper Mist vBLE technology that is integrated in our Access Points.”

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Juniper Network’s AI-Driven Enterprise Business