Digital Brands Group Launches on Amazon Prime and its Affiliate Program

Oct 28, 2021 By MarketDepth

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Digital Brands Group, inc. (NASDAQ: DBGI) has announced launch of DSTLD on Amazon Prim while also launching its affiliate program across all of its brands.  DSTLD has progressed past the on-boarding stage with Amazon Prime which will enable its product for sale on Amazon Prime.  “We believe the extra time and work it took to qualify for Amazon Prime will result in much higher short and long-term value versus just selling as a third party on Amazon’s site,” said Laura Dowling, Chief Marketing Officer of Digital Brands Group.

Entering Growth Phase

Within the next three days, DSTLD’s Brand Store will launch on Amazon and include DSTLD’s videos and branded content.  This a first where most of its brands have launched an affiliate program.  The affiliate programs will create immense customer reach and brand awareness by utilizing major online publications and giving their customers access to these products.  Once again, Hil Davis, Chief Executive Officer of Digital Brands Group, stated that “we are excited to finally move into our growth phase, and believe these programs will show the power of our platform and the growth opportunity for Q4 of 2021 and 2022.”