Delta Air Lines Granted Changes to Tickets at No Cost

Jun 29, 2022 By MarketDepth

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Delta Air Lines has granted travelers access to change their tickets at no cost throughout the busy Fourth of July weekend. The novelty allows people the opportunity to change their travel date during a “potentially challenging” time, at no additional fare difference.

“Delta people are working around the clock to rebuild Delta’s operation while making it as resilient as possible to minimize the ripple effect of disruptions. Even so, some operational challenges are expected this holiday weekend. This unique waiver is being issued to give Delta customers greater flexibility to plan around busy travel times, weather forecasts and other variables without worrying about a potential cost to do so.”

the carrier said late Tuesday

According to the airline, it expects air travel volumes “not seen since before the pandemic” during July 1 to the 4th. Multiple airlines strive to reduce any disruptions that may come from busy time periods as they struggle with continuous staffing shortage within the industry.

Travelers booked anywhere from July 1-4, will be able to rebook their trip, as long as they do not alter their origin or destination, and take a new flight by July 8. The offer applies to all passengers, including no-frills basic economy.

“Waivers are typically issued only for a limited geographic area, reserved for weather events that are likely to cause widespread delays and cancellations, despite Delta’s best mitigation efforts. This waiver goes beyond Delta’s standard no-change-fee policy for U.S. domestic travel for customers with Main Cabin and premium tickets.”

the airline said in a statement