Cybin Awards Grant for Psychedelic Treatment Clinic at Lenox Hill Hospital

Nov 24, 2021 By MarketDepth

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Cybin Inc. (NYSE: CYBN) (NEO: CYBN) has announced that it has awarded a grant for the first psychedelic treatment clinic at Lenox Hill Hospital, in a ploy to serve marginalized and underserved communities on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York.  This program is focused on becoming one of the first hospital based clinical sites to offer psychedelic medicine in the United States.

“Lenox Hill Hospital is excited by the potential of these modalities for the treatment of previously intractable conditions such as severe depression, chronic PTSD, and OCD. With this grant from Cybin, Lenox Hill Hospital aims to become one of the first hospital-based clinical sites offering psychedelic medicine in the country and is dedicated to addressing health inequities by prioritizing care for marginalized and underserved populations. In particular, people of color are greatly underrepresented in psychedelic research studies and our team is committed to inclusive recruitment of patients.”

David Roane, MD, Chairman of Psychiatry at Lenox Hill Hospital

“It’s time for psychedelic medicine to climb down from the ivory tower and into the community. We are honored to support this program at Lenox Hill Hospital to start a low-cost/no-cost psychedelic-clinic for marginalized and underserved communities in New York,” said Dr. Alex Belser, Chief Clinical Officer of Cybin.