Canada’s Vaccine Mandate For “Core” Federal Workers Approaching

Oct 7, 2021 By MarketDepth

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Canada’s “core” federal public figures will have to verify their vaccination status by October 29th or face being put on leave without pay by November 15th, according to CTVNews. Additionally, workers and passengers over the age of 12 must prove their inoculation status to get on trains, planes and marine transport operating domestically. 

“These travel measures, along with mandatory vaccination for federal employees, are some of the strongest in the world,” Mr. Trudeau said. “If you’ve done the right thing and gotten vaccinated, you deserve the freedom to be safe from COVID.”

There will, nevertheless, be exemptions made for “certified medical contraindications,” as well as for religious reasons. But for those employees who do not prove their vaccination status, or attest that they are unvaccinated, the government will mandate an online training session on COVID-19 vaccines. 

Additionally, Canada’s initial vaccine mandate for federal workers, initially rolled out on August 13th, will be reassessed every six months and stay in place until the policy is no longer required, one official said

Canada has fully vaccinated more than 80% of its eligible population ages 12 and over, according to Reuters.