Applied UV Included in Multi-Million Dollar Contract

May 17, 2022 By MarketDepth

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Applied UV, Inc. (Nasdaq: AUVI) today announced its inclusion in a multi-million dollar contract offering throughout non-public schools in Washington state.

Up Over 19% Premarket

Shares of Applied UV, Inc. (Nasdaq: AUVI) grew over 19% during the premarket trading session following the announcement.

“We are extremely proud that our Airocide™ air purification suite is one of the products being selected for the offering to the non-public school system throughout the State of Washington.”

John F. Andrews, Applied UV’s CEO and Director

Applied UV’s wholly owned subsidiary, Sterilumen, was notified that its suite of Airocide™ air purification solutions and other related disinfection supplies will now be included in DA International’s multi-million dollar contract.

“We have been an Agent for the Airocide air purification suite for approximately 10 years. When this opportunity to bid on this EANS II contract presented itself, we were both excited and confident about the use of the Airocide™ air purification solutions due to its globally proven effectiveness as well as its use by companies known all around the world.”

Dave Vaillancourt, DA International’s CEO