Apple Announces Apple Intelligence, AI Platform for IPhone and Macs

Jun 10, 2024 By MarketDepth

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Apple (AAPL) announces its AI initiative called Apple Intelligence during its WWDC conference in California. The product will be ground breaking for Apple as it will be integrated on a hardware and software level for all Apple products.

The company wants a more user focused experience for its AI platform that focuses on your data than broad market data. The platform will be available starting in the fall on all new apple products.

With AI products becoming more prominent in everyday life Apple is going to revamp its Siri voice assistant which will be more intuitive and responsive. As AI continues to envelop everyday life Apple is trying to make its brand of product more catered to the user experience.

Apple stock is down 1.5% intraday and up about 5% on the year which makes it almost flat from January.