Amazon Web Services Reports General Availability of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Oct 27, 2021 By MarketDepth

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AmazonAWSServers, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) company Amazon Web Services, Inc. announced general availability of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud DL1 instances where the instance is the type designed for training machine learning models.  DL1 instances are powered by Gaudi accelerators from Habana Labs to provide up to 40% better price performance for training machine learning models than the latest GPU strengthened Amazon EC2 instances.  “The use of machine learning has skyrocketed. One of the challenges with training machine learning models, however, is that it is computationally intensive and can get expensive as customers refine and retrain their models,” said David Brown, Vice President, of Amazon EC2, at AWS. “AWS already has the broadest choice of powerful compute for any machine learning project or application. The addition of DL1 instances featuring Gaudi accelerators provides the most cost-effective alternative to GPU-based instances in the cloud to date. Their optimal combination of price and performance makes it possible for customers to reduce the cost to train, train more models, and innovate faster.”

“Training our models on Amazon EC2 DL1 instances, powered by Gaudi accelerators from Habana Labs, will enable us to accurately and reliably process thousands of videos and generate associated performance data, while lowering training cost. With DL1 instances, we can now train at the speed and cost required to productively serve athletes, teams, and broadcasters of all levels across a variety of sports.”

Rick Echevarria, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Group, Intel