Akoustis Technologies Shares Jump After Receiving Five Wi-Fi Design Wins

Jan 31, 2022 By MarketDepth

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Akoustis Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKTS) shares jumped more than 17% after the Company announced that it has received five new Wi-Fi design wins from multiple customers, each of which is expected to ramp into production and ship in the current calendar year.

“Our momentum in Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E continues to grow given our size advantage over incumbent ceramic technologies and our performance advantages over other micro-filter solutions for high-frequency Wi-Fi.” Mr. Shealy continued, “We have grown our Wi-Fi design wins in production from one to five in the past three months, and now expect that number to grow substantially in calendar 2022 as we have significantly increased our total design wins already this year.”

Jeff Shealy, founder and CEO of Akoustis

The wins include four designs using W-Fi 6E and one using Wi-Fi 6 XBAW™ filters. Akoustis now has thirteen design wins in Wi-Fi – eight in Wi-Fi 6E and five in Wi-Fi 6. These wins are in addition to the current diplexer agreement Akoustis has with a tier-1 PC SoC maker that is currently in development for the computing market. The Company exited calendar 2021 with five Wi-Fi design wins in production, up from one in the September 2021 quarter.Akoustis Technologies is a high-tech BAW RF filter solutions company that is pioneering next-generation materials science and MEMS wafer manufacturing to address the market requirements for improved RF filters – targeting higher bandwidth, higher operating frequencies and higher output power compared to incumbent polycrystalline BAW technology deployed today.