Air Canada Introduces New Vaccination Policy

Aug 26, 2021 By MarketDepth

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AirCanada Plane Covid Protocols
Mandatory Vaccination

Air Canada joins a growing list of companies that have seen fit to mandate proof of COVID-19 vaccination for their employees. 

Government Mandate

The decision by Canada’s largest came after a government mandate that workers in the transportation sector be vaccinated by the end of October. The “new health and safety policy” is deemed necessary due to the rise of the rapidly spreading Delta variant, and employees will have to prove their fully-vaccinated status by October 30th, 2021. 

“Under the mandatory vaccination policy, testing will not be offered as an alternative”

Air Canada News Release

“Under the mandatory vaccination policy, testing will not be offered as an alternative,” according to the Company. Nevertheless, Air Canada plans to accommodate unvaccinated employees with valid reasons, such as medical conditions that prohibit them from getting the vaccination. Otherwise, failure to prove full-vaccination status by October 30th will result in “consequences up to and including unpaid leave or termination.”

Airlines Jumping on Board

Elsewhere, Delta Airlines notified its employees on Wednesday that they will see $200 monthly increases on their health insurance premiums after November 1st if they fail to get the vaccine. On the other hand, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and JetBlue Airways have all taken steps to encourage employees to receive the vaccination, but have so far refused to take more drastic steps.