Adidas Selects Amazon Web Services as Cloud Provider

Nov 26, 2021 By MarketDepth

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Amazon AWS Servers, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) company Amazon Web Services has been selected by German sports brand Adidas as its preferred cloud provider for SAP workloads.  The company will migrate its SAP environment to AWS and implement a modern SAP S/4HANA platform.  Its ERP system with SAP provides Adidas with the technology required to connect its data on a global scale.  Adidas will utilize these SAP workloads in the cloud to enable the company to digitize core business processes across its value chain.  This will support better consumer experiences while becoming a more data driven business and support new business models such as direct to consumer.  

“We want to drive innovation across our business, which includes everything from how we design our products to how we engage with the consumers who buy them. By committing to cloud infrastructure, we have the scalability and elasticity we need to handle the seasonality of our business during peak demand, and support the projected growth in our e-commerce business in the years to come. Deploying SAP environments on AWS isn’t just about transforming our technology, it’s about transforming business opportunities and using AWS’s wide range of cloud capabilities to create efficiencies and bring us closer to consumers.”

Markus Rautert, Senior Vice President, Technology Enablement at Adidas

“We are seeing a fundamental change in how consumer goods companies run their technology infrastructures. Adidas joins the thousands of customers that run SAP on AWS, leveraging AWS’s reliable and scalable global infrastructure and unmatched SAP experience to provide key insights, drive innovation, and support the creation of new products and services. We look forward to working with Adidas on its SAP and digital transformation strategies that will help speed the introduction of new cloud-based customer experiences like its mobile app, tailored shopping, and personalised offers that deepen the consumer relationship,” Greg Pearson, vice president of worldwide commercial sales at AWS said.